Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pornstation Portable


A Tampa mom claims that after buying a "new" PSP at Wal-Mart, her 6 year-old kid found tons of porn on it. From the local Fox affiliate's story:
"I showed it to my mom, and I ran back to my room...she said I'm not in trouble," says Eliso.

Tamatha says she found a memory card inside the P.S.P. containing hundreds of pornographic pictures. She says it's not hers and it was in the P.S.P. before she opened the box. Tamatha called the store wanting to speak with a manager about the problem.

It's kind of funny how some commenters on the internet are writing, "This is impossible, unless there was a memory card inside it."

Child finds porn on PSP [Fox via The Consumerist]

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