Monday, February 16, 2009

High Heels 'Improve Sex Life'

Thursday February 7, 2008

High heels not only lifts a woman's butt and makes her taller -- it also improves her sex life.

An Italian Urologist says her research shows two-inch heels improve pelvic floor muscles, assisting sexual performance and satisfaction.

Dr. Maria Cerruto -- who admits that she loves high heels -- says she studied 66 women under 50 years old and showed that electrical activity in their pelvic muscles improves when they held their feet at a 15 degree angle.

"Women often have difficulty in carrying out the right exercises for the pelvic zone," Dr Cerruto says, "and wearing heels could be the solution."

One can only wonder how this news will effect shoe-lover Carrie Bradshaw in the forthcoming "Sex and the City" movie.

Dr. Cerruto says tighter pelvic muscles can assist the functioning of the bladder, bowels and uterus.

The good doctor's advice: Take two Jimmy Choo's and call me in the morning.

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